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The teachings of Chief Dancing Thunder

Daniela Scaramelli

The teachings of Chief Dancing Thunders are fascinating for me as they provide clarity, power and that I can be who I am. Also the simplicity and long tradition and, of course, Chief Dancing Thunder himself.

For personal use and in my job I find his empowering of the seeing, hearing and healing abilities helpful for my selfconfidence. He dissolves selfdoubts or illusions created by the everyday mind.

I incorporate what I’ve learned into my work and everday life by doing rituals, rituals and rituals with perception, awareness and intention and by meeting many different beings. There is a change without me being distressed.

The teachings of Chief Dancing Thunder provide knowledge and use, for example the knowledge about being an unending being that is one with all beings, so there is no reason to be afraid or to hesitate. In difficult situations I have reference points to align with, to work with, to have an exchange with.

I would highly recommend Chief Dancing Thunder because he has real knowledge. He is very caring and his teachings provide a real basis and authenticity.