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BULGAN - The mysterious Tsaatan of Mongolia


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BULGAN - The mysterious Tsaatan of Mongolia

The Tsaatan are reindeer herders and one of the last indigenous tribes on the earth. They have been living for thousands of years in North Mongolia, in the remote subarctic Taiga. Five to ten times a year they change their location. At the moment there are 44 families whose existence are endangered due to the dwindling number of domesticated reindeer. They are see as a culture to die out.

The tribe of the Tsaatan has a unique and extraordinary lifestyle depending on their reindeer and the forests they use for hunting. They endeavour not to harm the ecological balance, live a sacred life by rimplementing their spirituality, values and intellectual strength.

The trip to the Tsaatan is guided through the northern part of the Mongolian-Siberian taiga forest. On this trip we meet reindeer families and shamans, ride on horses and reindeer, take long walks and carry out shamanic meditations. We sleep in tents, called “gers”, the traditional Mongolian yurts. But the important thing is to meet with a heartfelt people who still live peacefully very remote in the middle of nature.

The trip lasts 12 nights and 13 days. Max. participants 12

Arrival 15. Juli 2019 til midday in Ulaanbaatar

Travel date

15. - 27. July 2019


1990€ (includes transfer within Mongolia, hotel accommodation for two nights, food & camp, visa invitation)


possible til 15. Juni 2019