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Orion - Healing with the Star Constellation


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Orion - Healing with the Star Constellation

  • Seminarhaus Naturoase Oberaufham 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Germany (map)

These three days are especially for people who would like to get to know, understand and develop their healing abilities better.

Personal medicine is an important tool for healing work. By establishing a connection with our spiritual family, like totems and star beings, stone people, we will be accompanied by them on our path forever.

Chief Dancing Thunder teaches the use and application of personal medicine in intensive healing rituals. He would like to invite you to participate.

"O-Hey-O Genero, I would like to extend a special invitation to the upcoming indigenous rituals in Bavaria. These are ancient rituals and ceremonies for healing from the North American Indians. The ancient indigenous people, as well as present day indigenous peoples like in Siberia and Mongolia are living out on the earth. The stars will rule the night skies, and are used as every day guides and of course in healing.

Although the great bear called the Big Dipper is most often used, in the Northeast of America, the tribal peoples, including the Susquehannock, used the star constellation of Orion for many rituals including healing rituals. There are still very large ceremonial complexes in the Northeast of the United States aligned in a year cycle with the star constellation Orion.

The healing ritual of the star constellation Orion is intense ancient tribal knowledge, that's very demanding. It includes making star runes, body markings and alignments with the stars of the constellation Orion.

This healing ritual is little known outside of tribal medicine societies. And this is the first time ever, that a healing ritual of this kind is being given to the non indigenous healers outside of tribal medicine arts.

It is my very purpose to share the most ancient knowledge of the earth equally with all gifted peoples of the earth. These teachings are for experienced people who work as professional healers or in their personal environment.

Due to the big interest and success of these rituals, they will take place in Bavaria. Please be welcome! I’m looking forward to meeting you in these ancient rituals." Chief Dancing Thunder

These rituals relate to situations that you can instantly use and apply in your healing work. Hereby

  • you experience how you align your perception purposefully and effectively, and a totally new way of communication opens up for you

  • you gain the ability how to apply these rituals and ceremonies yourself

  • you connect up with other people who are interested in the same topics

* These teachings are for experienced people who work as professional healers or in their personal environment.

* In preparation every participant must study the star constellation of Orion BEFORE coming to the ritual and make a CLEAR printout to bring with you to the healing ritual.


* 01. - 03. November 2019


Seminarhaus Naturoase, Oberaufham 2, 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham


420€ (without food and accommodation)