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Black Star Stone - Sweat lodge Ritual with Bull Bow


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Black Star Stone - Sweat lodge Ritual with Bull Bow

  • Seminarhouse Naturoase Oberaufham 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Germany (map)

Sweat lodge rituals are one of the oldest rituals in many cultures. This butterfly ritual with Bull Bow comes from the North American Indian tradition offering transformation, getting visions and meeting totems and ancestors.

There is only one activated Black Star Stone Medicine Wheel in Montana, USA worldwide. This ritual is based on that medicine wheel and comprises the special abilities of totems and ancestors. The black stones are the oldest and wisest ancestors. They are the beginning of the material world. We enter deeply into the creation of the universe and the natural cycle of change. This ritual is a very good preparation for the butterfly ritual.

Sweat lodge rituals bear unique experiences. Togethe we prepare the place of the ritual in a beautiful place in nature. In an ancient ritual we learn how to honour and bless the earth while symbolism, mythology and the ritual itself are explained. After a light meal, we bring our personal medicine and towels to the lodge and put our medicine on the altar. Covered in towels we enter the lodge. The mood is relaxed and trusting. In total darkness we follow the rhythm of the drum, breathe in the scent of herbs and look at the glowing stones. But soon we are carried away by spirit and travel through the spheres of the universe to meet with totems, ancestors and visions. After the ritual we have dinner together and share our experiences.

Bull Bow is the fire keeper of the sweat lodges performed by Chief Dancing Thunder.

* 24. July 2019 - Building the sweat lodge - free
* 25. July 2019 - Black star stone sweat lodge ritual - 120€
* 26. July 2019 - Butterfly sweat lodge ritual - 120€


120€ (without food and accommodation)


Important: A new lodge will be built with Bull Bow on 19. July 2019. Your support is very welcome! Please let us know if you’re coming. Thank you very much.

This year we will build a new lodge and create the fire place and altar. This is a very special experience with lots of fun. Besides it is very interesting to experience how a traditional East-door-lodge is built. First the bark is taken off the willow poles, then they are put into the ground in a certain way. By bending them carefully a round construction is made which is supported by rings. Lots of teamwork is necessary for covering the lodge with blankets so that there is no light coming through inside the lodge. Wood is piled up for heating up the stones and the stones are blessed.

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