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BULGAN - Birch Sap Healing Trip to Mongolia


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BULGAN - Birch Sap Healing Trip to Mongolia

This is a very special healing trip with an ancient and powerful healing method, shamanic rituals and silent walks in nature.

The healing powers of birch sap - powerful and blood cleansing. This sap is being used worldwide as a particularly efficient and detoxyfying aid having an effect on the both most important organs and cleansing systems of our body. We will harvest birch sap ourselves and will drink 0.5l every day.

Additionally you will enjoy daily silent walks, Mongolian rituals & ceremonies, trampolin jumping, rope jumping, stretching and of course meeting with the cordial people of Mongolia.

A unique liquid and a source of rich energy for your body!

What really is birch sap? Birch sap is a liquid that comes directly from the birch trees. Traditionally it’s seen as part of the natural renewable energy cycle and its harvested once a year at the beginning of spring when the birch trees awaken from hibernation and the sap comes up through the roots to the blossoming leafs. Birch sap is a thin, sweetish, sirupy liquid and of the best energy sources that we can provide for our body.

Mongolia is the country of the blue sky with clean air, untouched nature and one of the best places to go for treating yourself with birch sap.

Trip information: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Hotel for acclimatising, travelling to the birch sap camp with a jeep or bus (around 2), stay in the birch sap camp sleeping in Mongolian yurts, travel back to Ulaanbaatar, travel home

Max. participants 12

Arrival 03. May 2019 til midday in Ulaanbaatar

Travel Date

03. - 13. May 2019


1290€ (includes transfer within Mongolia, hotel accommodation for two nights, food & camp, visa invitation)


possible til 10. April 2019

Earlier Event: April 25
Longterm Programme 8 l Teaching 2