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BULGAN - Sand Healing in the Gobi Desert


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BULGAN - Sand Healing in the Gobi Desert

The Uush Sand Camp is a great place for healing with ancient Mongolian healing abilities. The effect of the sand healing is experienced several times a day by doing sand baths. The sand in Mongolia is unique and not like usual sand. It is rich in many different minerals that our physical body needs desparately. It has an especially fine structure loaded with sun energy. If you take a grain of sand on your tongue, it will melt instantly.

You will perform shamanic rituals, ceremonies, guided walks and meditions quietly every day. After the sand treatments you will go to beautiful and interesting places in nature in the surroundings, as there are rare animal species to be seen.

Sunrise and sunset are special highlights and particularly beautiful as the sun sets directly at the horizon of the earth. At night the stary sky is a real spectacle. The stars are so close as if you could touch them.

Trip information: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Hotel for acclimatising, travallin to the sand healing camp with a jeep (8 - 10 hours with many breaks), sand healing camp, sleeping in Mongolian yurts, travel home Max. participants 16

Arrival 31. Juli 2019 til midday in Ulaanbaatar

Travel date

31. July - 13. August 2019


1490€ (includes transfer within Mongolia, hotel accommodation for two nights, food & camp, visa invitation)


possible til 15. Juni 2019