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Longterm Programme New


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Longterm Programme New

  • Seminar House Naturoase Oberaufham 2 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Germany (map)

In the longterm programme you step into the medicine lodge and you learn in the circle of like-minded people. The teachings of the longterm programme comprise three realities: the universal reality, the dreaming reality and the unending reality. They are essential as ancient wisdom for the elder wisdom keepers of the earth.

These authentic teachings are passed on through intensive ancient rituals and ceremonies to develop your full capacity of awareness, perception and dreaming.

These teachings follow the ancient mastership of awareness, spiritual transformation, manifestation and materilisation. The rituals teach high states of perception and out of body experiences that are essential to stop the material world and move through the dreaming reality which is the bridge to the unending reality. This leads to the ancient way of being in a state of “no mind” and achieving the state of “one mind”.

The rituals start by a kind of training that is built up by holding different states of perception. They relate to things that are close to you like the spirits of animals, plants and natural items. You can instantly apply these rituals to your everyday life. In the longterm programme we meet three times a year for four days over a period of three years. Participation is only possible by invitation. The gained knowledge will be practically applied at power places in nature at Königssee.

The essential points are

  • You learn about the true nature of your being

  • You get to know your spiritual purpose

  • You experience direct communication with totems, ancestors, light beings and you learn how to master the material reality by becoming familiar with unending realities.

These rituals relate to situations in daily life so that you can use them instantly. Hereby

  • you experience how you align your perception purposefully and effectively, and a totally new way of communication opens up for you

  • you gain the ability how to apply these rituals and ceremonies yourself

  • you connect up with other people who are interested in the same topics

9 Dates
* 07. - 10. May 2020
* 08. - 11. October 2020
* 03. - 06. December 2020


500€ (without food and accommodation)