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Healing for Ourselves & Our Ancestors with Maarten
to Mar 17

Healing for Ourselves & Our Ancestors with Maarten

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Healing on a deep level

Regression Therapy & Ancestral Healing Methods

Maarten A. Oversier has been working with family patterns from the past that can have a direct impact on our current life. Through “re-connecting” with the initial painful experience instead of “fleeing” from it, it is possible to work in a basic and easy to understand way. This work method leads to astounding results by becoming free of patterns, sickness, trauma, fear and attachments.

During this weekend Maarten will demonstrate how he works by involving participants and their topics. He dives into areas like suicide, family tragedys, accidents, separations, divorces, sicknesses, war experiences and war trauma, loss of family members. The range is so divers like us human beings and our stories. Often issues in families are unresolved and are passed on from generation to generation. Maarten gets in contact with dead spirits and shows possibilities how to deal and work with issues and how to resolve them

The workshops is very multifaceted and due to Maarten’s practical experience over years and thousands of patients that he treated very impressive. He passes on important impressions and practical methods for all participants. You as a participant are direclty included and you can participate in a practical way.

This weekend is followed by the Masterclass - an educational programme for therapists, coaches, social workers and people who are interested to understand and work with the cause and effect of traumatic experiences.


16. & 17. March 2019

Dates Masterclass

* 08. & 09. June 2019

* 28. & 29. September 2019

* 02. & 03. November 2019


260€ (without food and accommodation)


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