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Introduction Reinkarnation and Regression Therapy
to Jun 9

Introduction Reinkarnation and Regression Therapy

Healing on a deep level

Maarten’s work helps to see fate in a different light and to recognize contexts beyond the normal. That causes being more quiet and less judgemental. His way of working fascinates as the efficiency, meaning the possibility to resolve a topic in a short time, has the effect of healing. There are interesting stories that hide behind sicknesses and blows of fate. Maarten’s method provides the possibility to find out causes way back in time and heal them. That way it is possible to come to the source and deep healing can happen.

Healing the ancestors is important as they are close to us and they are our roots. Without healthy roots one is disrooted and it is difficult to find stability in life. The ancestors are within ourselves, they are part of ourselves, if you like it or not. Each ancestor has ones own story and thereby influences the family system. Family secrets and blows of fate that are still unresolved, can put a strain on the system and can harm the connection between grandparents, parents and kids. By means of healing the ancestors past experiences and issues can be resolved and connections are possible. Everyone involved gains an inner peace which has an effect on the bigger picture.

Maarten helps to look at topics that need to be looked at. He gives helpful tools to deal well with difficult things.

Through the workshops participants can develop personally, consciousness grows for bigger contexts and one can deal better with difficult situations and help others.


* 08. & 09. June 2019

Dates Masterclass

* 28. & 29. September 2019

* 02. & 03. November 2019


260€ (without food and accommodation)


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