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Trauma Healing with Chief Dancing Thunder
to Jun 16

Trauma Healing with Chief Dancing Thunder

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Healing with Compassion - Only one Workshop in Europe !

These three days are suitable for all those who would like to help others resolving and coping with their trauma - especially therapists and healers who support their patients in their process. The focus in this teaching is rooted in ancient, shamanic healing arts and methods.

From a shamanic point of view we are spiritual beings with a material body. Trauma is ecperienced through personal consciousness. The imabalance caused by trauma results in a separation of ones own oneness. If a human being experiences a traumatic situation, body and mind go through chemical and physiological processes which cause a fixation and separation of the whole.

Shamanic healing is a very powerful way to achieve positive changes and permanent healing. By bringing ourselves into a higher spiritual state of self, the energies can be changed.

The purpose of shamanic healing is not to relive the trauma or to put emphasis on the trauma but to use shamanic healing arts to competently dissolve the trauma. Healing comes through changing energies and through a consciousness that goes way beyond the trauma.

Healing from spirit to spirit

"This teaching is the starting point for the understanding of true medicine. Each participant experiences the connection between perception and healing. In rituals and ceremonies the drums and chanting move us into a different states of persception so that we can reach higher levels and are able to use shamanic healing methods." Chief Dancing Thunder


31. May - 02. June 2019


390€ (without food and accommodation)


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