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BlueJay Shamans


Welcome! Here you will find all information about the finely selected shamans. They all have special abilities which they perfected over the years. Chief Dancing Thunder is one of the rare indigenous shamans who shares his wisdom also with Europeans.



Founder of BlueJay & Medium

“All animals, plants, trees and stones are connected with each other and form a unity - always, at any time. The only being that excludes itself from this unity is the human being. I’m committed to open up the possibility that the human being opens up and becomes part of this unity again.”

In a sweatlodge ritual with Chief Dancing Thunder in 2010 I spontaneously become a medium. Over the years I learn how to master channeling. This was of communication is a perfect work tool that can be helpful in many areas of life. I’m happy to channel for you !

Chief Dancing Thunder

Medicine man & Chief of the Susquehannock Tribe

“We are spiritual beings with a material body and not the other way round.”

Chief Dancing Thunder is a master of indigenious tribal ceremonies. He is a keeper of about 400 traditional, paleolithc rituals. A few years ago he decided to share these rituals with white people. It’s important to him that people show true interest in his profound wisdom of the tribal rituals. You learn the techniques and then you make your own experiences with them. This independance is very important for him a as a teacher.

People who work with Chief Dancing Thunder value his great ability to explain the complexity of things in an easy way. His humour brings lightness. During the rituals he purposefully uses the art of overtone drumming.

Dancing Thunder II.jpg


Maarten Oversier

Healer & Regression therapist for past lives

"We really have the responsibility for the true history of mankind."

Maarten Oversier comes from Holland. Already in his childhood he felt a deep inner connection with North American Indians. Since then they have been a source of inspiration to him.

Healing on many levels - Through “re-connecting” with the initial painful experience instead of “fleeing” from it, it is possible to work in a basic and easy to understand way. This work method leads to astounding results.

After a long journey and after having experimented with several philosophers, therapists, treatments and traditions, Maarten decided to focus on regression therapy into earlier lives and ancestors and on the healing of trauma.

During the last years he lead throuhg 10.000 sessions.

Lise Schimmel

Family Coach, Therapist for Children, Child Whisperer

" I talk to the spirit of the kids to find out what’s going on."

Lise Schimmel has been working with children and teenagers for over 15 years now in order to provide access to spirituality, to give them the opportunity to speak about themselves as well as essential topics of life and earth in an uninhibited way. The parents are included as well.

Lise Schimmel has been engaged in a training with Chief Dancing Thunder for several years. There she instantly felt that rituals and ancient spiritual knowledge of the earth are very important and useful for children and teenagers as well. She transformed her vision step by step into reality and started to use what she learnd in her work with children and teenagers.

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Bull Bow

Hier kommt der Text hin

Bulgan Hiimori

Shaman from Mongolia

"I think that there is a new beginning in every moment and every moment new doors open incessantly to wonderful journeys."

Bulgan comes from the black line of Mongolian shamanism and works with the pure power of sky and earth. She is a Khalh shaman maintaining ancient traditions by communicating with nature beings and the elements. She accompanies her rituals with drum and mouth harp.

Bulgan 2016.jpg